Building a new home is an exciting journey for most people. Getting exactly what you set out to accomplish can be a great joy, but challenges will often face you throughout the planning and building process. Mistakes, interruptions, unreliable quality, and even Mother Nature may happen, potentially draining your endurance and checking account.

Here are three practical pitfalls to watch out for during the process of building a new home and how to avoid them.

Inadequate planning

Poor planning is a sure way to having a house built with inferior products and artistry. To begin with, take your time to scout for locations to get one that is ideal for your project. Most first-time home builders fail to consider issues such as slope, water table, and terrain while picking out a location or end up buying a lot in a neighborhood that doesn’t fit their lifestyle or family needs. You should try picking out an area that is safe, livable, and family-friendly and avoid being pressured into buying a lot just because it is available.

Next, take your time to make a comprehensive budget. This should include materials, contractors, land, plus other small expenses such as permits. The budget should also include a slush fund that takes into consideration unanticipated incidentals and overages that are likely to come up, even with the best-intentioned bid.

Finally, take time to look at how long you plan to live in this home and how your life might change during that time. This should help you with long-term space planning to help keep your home functional as your lifestyle and needs change.

Taking Shortcuts

It is often tempting to go for low-quality building materials and fittings, especially when your budget is a bit tight. However, having substandard materials used can be very costly in the end due to numerous repairs or even a collapse of the structure.

Insist on good-quality materials that will last over the year, especially for vital parts of the house such as the walls, floors, and fittings. Instead of sacrificing quality to save a few bucks, consult a building contractor to help you look at cost-saving options that are right for your home budget. Their expertise will likely ensure you avoid taking shortcuts that could result in a lot more problems down the road.

Choosing the Wrong Builder

This is perhaps the most important pitfall to watch out for. Avoid working with a builder who is likely to cut corners and frustrate your dream of owning a quality home. Do thorough research to get experienced designers and builders with the expertise and tools to build a home that is safe and well-crafted as well as within the set time and budget.

Additionally, avoid hiring contractors who might low-ball an offer to get the work. In the end, they will lack adequate funds for completing the project, leading to delays, frustration, and poor quality.


It takes time and persistence to build your dream home, and there will likely be setbacks along the way. The pitfalls discussed above have the potential to not only make the building process agonizing but will probably result in immense disappointment. Don’t sweat the small stuff; trust your builder to do what they do best and avoid having unrealistic expectations for your dream home.

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