Every single person agrees that bedbugs are a nuisance. It becomes significantly tricky for an individual to sleep peacefully at night when different sorts of notorious pests aside from bedbugs have already infested the bedroom. Make sure you do not delay taking effective steps once you realize that a variety of miniscule creatures are living in your mattress.

Putting things off may put the health of everyone in your family at serious risk apart from turning your bedroom or, to be precise, your overall house unhygienic. Keep in mind that bedbugs can easily sustain just by feeding on human blood. Therefore, your bedroom and living room are two ideal places for these harmful pests. To learn more about pest control services before availing, visit the website of a leading pest control company.

Pest control experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your bedroom and other rooms to detect the hiding spots of different household pests before finally exterminating them. Keep reading to be aware of various kinds of pesky pests with whom you might be sharing your bed other than bedbugs.

Dust Mites

Even if you are well informed of the external appearance of dust mites, it is still incredibly tough to detect them with your naked eyes. They like hiding and multiplying in hot and humid environments.

Hence, dust mites can be found under bed sheets, in carpets, rugs, curtains, and upholstered furniture in most residential properties. These pests feed on pet dander, dead skin, pollen, etc. You or any other family member could suffer from allergies or asthma due to an infestation of dust mites.


It is essential to wash your bed sheets and pillow covers at least twice a week if you do not want fleas to feed on you and your furry friend at night while sleeping. You will wake up every morning with small red bite marks all over your body if you avoid doing timely what’s requisite.

Your pet may also suffer from itchiness and several other health issues when dust mites completely take over your bedroom. They are as dangerous as bed bugs, and exterminating them is a tough job. You must seek experts’ help.

Carpet Beetles

You never know you might discover troublesome pests like carpet beetles while cleaning your mattress. The bedroom is the safest place for them to hide. However, unlike bedbugs, these creatures feed on wool, silk, fur, leather, and different types of organic-based fabrics. Without profound knowledge, it’s hard to detect and get rid of carpet beetles.

German Roach Nymphs

Most people fail to recognize German roach nymphs, and instead, they consider these annoying invaders bedbugs. Indeed, both these pests have specific similar characteristics. However, this type of pesky organism doesn’t feed on human blood for its survival. You will only affect your and your family members’ health if you do not take any measures to exterminate them from your bedroom.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the different other types of pests that usually live in a mattress and bedroom apart from blood-sucking bedbugs, without delaying any further, contact a professional exterminator. Scheduled pest control services of the highest standard can only keep your bedroom free of pests.

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