You have the new cabinets in the kitchen, the sconces in the foyer, and the chaise lounge in the sunroom. Now, what’s missing? 

The right rugs!

While they might seem like an afterthought, the right rugs are the key to helping the different rooms of your house “pop”. However, with so many placement options to choose from, finding the perfect spot can be a challenge. So where should you put them?

Keep reading to learn about eight different rug placement ideas that will help you spice up any area of your house.

1. Under Your Dining Room Table 

Adding a rug under your dining room table might seem like an obvious one, but there are some rules that you’ll have to keep in mind. 

Make sure that the rug you buy is big enough to accommodate the table and chairs. You don’t want the chairs to be half on and half off, especially when someone pulls a chair back, as that can lead to injury.

If you can’t figure out which size rug is the right choice, pull the chairs out and measure the space. 

2. At the End of Your Bed

Placing rugs in your bedroom depends on the size of the room. However, most people prefer to have a rug that starts under their bed then extends outwards. Most of the time, the rug will start a few inches away from any nightstands.

Having this sort of setup gives you something cushy to step on when you get out of bed in the morning. It also helps to make the most of rug space, preventing you from having to buy a bigger and more expensive one.

If putting an area rug under your bed seems like too much work, try just adding runners on either side. Check out for a selection of personalizable rugs and decorations that won’t disappoint. 

3. In the Middle of Your Living Room 

Again, figuring out your ideal living room rug placement depends on the size and shape of the room.

If you have a smaller living room, you have two options. You can either get a smaller rug that goes under your coffee table and floats between furniture, or you can get a bigger rug for all of your furniture to sit on.

Bigger living rooms require bigger rugs. Get an area rug, then frame your furniture around it. Alternatively, you can also divide up large spaces by using smaller rugs scattered around the room. 

4. Down Your Kitchen 

It might sound strange, but kitchen rugs are becoming trendier and trendier. They’re a great way to create a warm feeling in a kitchen, especially since kitchens can so often feel industrial and cold.

If you open a home design magazine, you’ll see a lot of people run Persian rugs down the center of their kitchens. Although you can use any style you deem fit, running a central rug through your kitchen will help the space feel more inviting. 

5. On the Patio 

Does your home have a deck or a patio? If it does, you might want to look into getting an outdoor rug.

Aside from appearance, outdoor rugs are nothing like their interior counterparts. They are hardy and resilient, able to withstand wear and tear caused by pets, children, and anything else. They’re also water-resistant.

Adding a rug to an outside space will help it feel more like an extension of your house and less like a separate entity. 

6. In Front of a Fireplace 

One of the coziest things you can do is put a rug in front of your fireplace. This works to further emphasize your fireplace as the focal point of the room, and also serves as another way to complement its style. 

Although you can create an entire sitting room with an area rug next to a fireplace, sometimes adding a simple runner looks best. Just make sure the style is consistent and doesn’t clash with the rest of the space. 

If you have any pets, don’t be surprised to see them enjoying this setup too. Your cat or dog might now have a new favorite napping spot. 

7. Throughout Hallways 

The hallways of many people’s homes are often long and drab corridors void of decorations. You can remedy this by throwing down some rugs to spice them up. 

Long and narrow rugs (again, runners!) work best in hallways. Aside from paying attention to style and color, you’ll also want to ensure that they won’t lead to any slips or falls.

Try and choose a rug type that is thicker and won’t slide around. You don’t want to come out of your room one night, forget the rug is there, then slip and fall to the ground.

8. By the Front Door 

Your home’s front door deserves a grand entrance. By adding a rug in front of the door, you’ll ensure that your guests are impressed from the moment they enter your house.

Try to strike a balance between style and practicality. You want your rug to be durable, but you don’t want it to look like a large doormat or an outside rug. Choose a stylish pattern that will also hold up over time. 

Use Rug Placement to Help Promote Style and Comfort

Whether you’re building a new home or thinking about redecorating the one you have, the right rugs will help tie the whole space together. By following this guide, you’ll have no problem with rug placement and can rest assured that each area of your home will look as good as possible. 

Do you now have a better understanding of what proper rug placement entails? Before you go and start redecorating, take a moment to browse through some of our other posts for more home-related guides and tips. 

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