A fireplace is a great way to add a touch of class to a room. There are several options when it comes to choosing one for your home. These include Gas, Direct vent, and two-sided models. If you’re in the market for a new fireplace, it’s helpful to look at all the options at online retailers like Build.com and compare things like functionality, maintenance, and cost before making your final decision.

Gas fireplaces

There are many advantages to choosing the right fireplace for your home. The first advantage is that you won’t have to worry about ash and smoke. Another advantage is that they don’t have to be on all day. Many fireplaces can be installed quickly by a professional contractor. However, you should always view a unit before you make a purchase. A fireplace can add value to your home, which means more homebuyers will see your home. It is also safe and easy to maintain. It can be a focal point of any room. Fireplaces can add instant warmth and comfort to a room, depending on its type.

A gas fireplace can save you money on energy. Compared to wood fireplaces, it does not need a chimney or masonry hearth. It also produces less smoke, which is better for the environment. Also, you can easily adjust the settings of a gas fireplace and extinguish it when you’re finished using it. Lastly, you can customize a gas fireplace to match the interior decor of your home.

A gas fireplace is also easier to use than a wood fireplace. Instead of having a pilot light, it only requires a button to maintain the flame. Press a switch near the fireplace if you want to add more gas. Some models also come with remote controls.

Direct vent fireplaces

One of the main advantages of a direct-vent fireplace is that it doesn’t require additional masonry work or a chimney. Instead, the vent can be placed through the wall, avoiding the need to cut a hole in the wall. Additionally, a direct-vent fireplace is low maintenance and will save you money. Direct-vent fireplaces draw air from outside the house, preventing combustion gases from entering the living area. These fireplaces are also highly efficient, putting out up to 85% of the heat they produce. A direct-vent fireplace can be installed almost anywhere, though venting and codes can limit where it can be placed.

Direct-vent fireplaces also come in various styles and sizes, making it easier to find a fireplace that will fit in with your home’s design and decor. Depending on your taste, they can be used in traditional and contemporary settings. In addition, you can customize the venting of your direct-vent fireplace to fit your specific specifications. Direct-vent fireplaces can make a great accent piece for any room in your home. For example, you can create a cozy reading nook in a spare bedroom by placing a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace. You can also build a home library by setting up a comfy chair and placing shelves of books around it. You can also use a fireplace in a spare bedroom to serve as a home office.

Two-sided fireplaces

Double-sided fireplaces are an excellent option for homeowners with two separate heat sources. They are economical and can heat two or more rooms. In addition, double-sided fireplaces’ design and look can match most homes’ styles and aesthetics. Double-sided fireplaces require more maintenance than a traditional fireplaces. They need to be cleaned regularly and inspected for leaks. They must also be checked for soot build-up in the chimney to prevent fires and toxic odors. If you find the chimney leaking, you can install a chimney cap to stop the water from reaching the fireplace.

Double-sided fireplaces provide even heat distribution, which can be an added benefit in large rooms. Since they sit between two rooms, they also provide an attractive focal point and help create a more elegant home. Another advantage of double-sided fireplaces is their space savings. Unlike conventional fireplaces, which take up a surprising amount of room, double-sided fireplaces can save floor space and even wall space.

Double-sided fireplaces don’t have natural limits, unlike conventional fireplaces, so you can place them anywhere you like. For example, you can use them to separate large rooms or to add a cozy atmosphere to a bedroom or connecting bathroom. This type of fireplace can be an attractive option for any home.

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