Most modern houses have a box style bedroom, It’s generally the back bedroom, nursery, or an office. Most new houses have a small third bedroom, it’s an awkward space but it can be transformed into a useful habitat with a few great ideas.

Nobody likes to waste usable space in their home, but box rooms being awkwardly shaped can sometimes be neglected and turned into junk rooms. Use the ideas in this post to help turn the spare room into a bedroom that doesn’t look squeezed together. We’ve selected our favourite examples of smart resolutions for tiny, difficult boxed bedrooms.

Let’s get started.

  1. The Bed

Let’s start with the bed because what’s a bedroom without one. I’m not going to go in-depth onto what type of mattress to get, check out Best Boxed Mattress for that. Instead, the style of the bed frame is essential. You want a base that is raised from the ground to allow storage space underneath. This can be from built-in cupboards or self-made storage in the form of boxes slide underneath the bed. 

Clearing the floor space in this way creates an optical illusion of having more space in the room, and you will be surprised how easy it is to access your things and how much it maximises your space when stored away.

  1. Keep it simple 

Regardless of what style you decide to decorate your bedroom with, make sure things stay simple. Leave at least three feet between your bed and the furniture or the side walls and a minimum of two feet from low furniture such as dressers and tables. 

Furnish your bedroom with the necessities only including your mattress, a bedside table, a chair, and a dresser. Anything else is unnecessary.

You should also keep the accessories to a minimum. Choose scented candles, some beautiful flowers, and some pieces of art.

  1. Have enough storage 

Storage space in your bedroom means you can have all the necessary things you need in your little sanctuary instead of walking to the other rooms to get it. Also, it allows you to store things that you don’t use most often out of sight and make the room appear spacious and calm. 

For example, you can have a bedside table with a few shelves when you can hide such things as reading glasses, books, lotion, and so on. 

A storage bench or a trunk at the foot of your bed will also offer space to store your extra beddings such as blankets, pillows, and sheets. 

  1. Choose appropriate size furniture

Before you think of buying bedroom furniture, measure the space of your floor so that the furniture you intend to buy will fit the bedroom. Avoid heavy, large dressers and beds if your bedroom is small.

Also, if the ceiling is too high, consider having a tall headboard to help bring it down to normal height. 

  1. Headboard for storage

Space is generally the issue with box style bedrooms, and you need to maximise every item in the room to its fullest potential. If you have a headboard for your bed and it creates a surface area, use it for storage. Pictures and lamps are great items to put on the headboard to declutter the room and add style to the area.

  1. Pay attention to the ceiling 

The ceiling is the place you will be looking at when you lie on your bed so make sure it inspires you either to relax and fall asleep or feel energized when you wake up. Being the fifth wall of your bedroom, you should paint the ceiling with the same colour as the walls, but lighter. This way, it will appear lower and give you the feeling of cosiness and intimacy. 

Alternatively, you can wallpaper or stencil the ceiling, add some artistic elements like moldings, beams, or even decorative paint. 

  1. Feature Wall

A bold, striking wall with eye-catching artwork turns your attention to that single wall, and this helps to draw your focus away from the size of the room. To maximise the effect of a feature wall it’s best to use a solid colour palette in contrast with fresh white bed linen and furniture.

This contrast still keeps a minimal feel while introducing a splash of colour to liven up the bedroom.

  1. Floating shelves

Creating more surface area in the room is the goal with smaller boxed rooms, and an excellent way is with floating shelves. They are stylish and can add a unique look to a room simultaneously increasing the surface area and decluttering the place.

  1. Symmetry 

An uncomplicated and symmetrical room can give you a balanced design that adds to the elegance of the room. If you are turning the room into a small twin bedroom they have matching beds, bedside table, wall mounted lights, it will add to a purposeful finished feel.

  1. Include a private corner 

When decorating your bedroom, make sure you leave a place where you can sit and read your favorite novel or newspaper. This place should be intimate and have a comfy chair and footrest in a nook or at the end of your bed. 

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