Of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom is arguably the most intimate of them all. It is where you go to find peace after a long day at work and the room you wake up to every morning. You should therefore make it comfortable and cozy as much as you can. This does not necessarily mean buying new items. Instead, there are creative ways you could use to improve the look and feel of your bedroom. Let us look at some of the Do It Yourself projects that will give you an idea of what to do to your bedroom.

Create a collage

You may notice that your bedroom is a bit dull and that the walls are bare. You can easily rectify this by coming up with a collage full of your favorite photos. Photos always add a homely touch to any wall. To make it more interesting, arrange the photos in a shape like a heart or a circle. Using shapes instead of lines makes the collage more appealing.

Framed flowers

You may not be able to get photos or you may want to add natural elements to your Bedroom. This can be achieved by plucking a few of your favorite flowers and pressing then framing them. This gives a unique look and a natural one that does not include caring for a plant. You can choose flowers of different colors, preferably bright ones like yellow and red to liven up your wall.

Two toned trick

This trick applies to items like a night stand or even the bedside table. While most items come in one color, you can change this up by painting two colors on the same thing, hence the idea of making it two toned. For the best results, ensure the colors are contrasting. You can try this on some of your furniture and see how different and lively your Bedroom looks.

Try crochet cushions

Crocheting has been considered a thing of the past that grandmothers used to do pass time back in the day. However, there are ways of infusing modern art into crocheting to give it a chic feeling. One of this ways is having a cushion that is crocheted. You can do shapes like a square or a circle that will act as the center piece on your Bed. The cushion need not be big it can just be a small one that sends a cozy feeling across the room. Depending on how colorful your bedding is, you can choose a neutral color that represents class or a bright one to add some color to your bedroom.

Wall art

If you’re looking for a rustic feel, then wall art is what you need. Use metal and wood for the art. You can place the wood on the wall and write a meaningful phrase on it using metal for that final rustic look.

Change how your Bedroom looks today by trying out these projects. This could be exactly what you need to have a lively and cozier bedroom.

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