Inviting guests into your home can be a rather daunting task – you keep asking yourself if your place is as neat and tidy as you’d want it to be. What’s even more nerve-wracking is inviting guests over for a dinner party or brunch as there are a lot of things that must go right. Whilst your menu is very important to impress your guests, they will also be judging your home. If you want your guests to be pleasantly surprised by your humble abode, keep reading for three ways you could impress them. 

Plan your menu in advance

It should go without mention but make a great effort to plan your menu well in advance of the occasion. Whether it is an evening meal or a Sunday brunch, there are many different things to pop on your checklist to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible. Choose a theme and stick with it when creating your drinks and food menu. This way, your guests will know what to expect and you don’t have to stretch yourself to every cuisine. Use your theme as a guide to create an excellent three-course menu to wow your guests.

Sharpen your eating space

Whether you have a dining room or a specific eating area in your home, your guests will be impressed if you decorate the area. Choosing modern décor for your home can be difficult due to the ever-changing design ideas on Pinterest. The fact that colour schemes also change by the season is an additional factor that makes it harder to complete your overall interior look.

Alongside ensuring you have a clean eating area, make sure you sharpen the space with lovely décor. Design your area with a matching plate set, all the cutlery and a centrepiece. Interior designers also recommend having some luxury lighting in your eating space which can include luxury lampshades, chandeliers and mood lighting. Setting the mood with the right lighting is a great feature not only for your special occasion but also for your home all year round.

Choose a smart home 

Apparently manually switching on lights and the central heating is old news. With the adaptability of modern technology, new smart home devices are growing in popularity and are becoming a modern feature of almost every home. Being able to ask Alexa to turn down the lights at the dinner table is a definite way to impress your guests. Making use of the technology available to you will help make your life more convenient in terms of money and time. Connecting all your technology to one smart hub makes life a whole lot easier and more enjoyable – allowing you to stay on the sofa that bit longer. 

Final thoughts

The points above are only few of a range of steps you could take to impress your dinner guests. They’ll be thankful for the invite and enjoy the event no matter what. Make sure you have a clean and presentable space with a few things to make a lasting impression. 

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