Like everything else in this world our kitchens also need upgrades. Especially now that technology have introduced the world to much more sophisticated kitchen utilizations. And just as fashion trends come and go, so do kitchen trends.

Gone are those white-washed classic kitchen style, this year, a more modern and classy kitchen is in style. This year kitchens are to have more personality with a few spins from the traditional styles we are all accustomed to.

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen or perhaps recently bought a new house, it would be very helpful for you to know what changes are to make their way into the world of kitchen designs this year.

The incorporation of color

Since the all-white kitchen era is almost over, it is expected that this year more colors are to be brought into the kitchen. Bolder choices of colors mixed and matched to perfectly create a homey ambience for the kitchen.

Matte black

Matte black has been a global phenomenon. Almost in all parts of the world more and more people have been captivated by the allure of an all-black piece, from mobile phones, laptops and cars. Now it has even proven to be favorable when choosing colors to integrate into kitchen designs.

Contrasting tones

The choice to have contrasting tones in the kitchen has also been foreseen to last. This is a very effective way of highlighting certain areas in the kitchen. The color contrast between the areas and the items gives each of them an individuality thus making them more significant in the kitchen rather than being part of one big constellation.


Two-tones are especially popular with cabinets and cupboards. This color scheme is particularly effective because it can be used as a defining margin from where an area ends and a new one begins. They can also serve as perfect platforms into the gradual incorporation of more colors into the other kitchen fixtures.

Textures and patterns

It is said that textures provide definition and the visual effect of the texture can help in bringing out the mood or ambience you want your kitchen to have. For example, a rough surface can stimulate liveliness and smooth surfaces tranquility.

Grid lines

Being an all-time favorite gridlines have always been integral parts of a design. Gridlines signifies symmetry and therefore adds effect to the structural design of the room.  Also adding lines to a design convey emotions and moods, take diagonal lines for instance, these lines convey movement because they are neither upright nor horizontal so they can be visually perceived as either falling or rising.


Since matte is a common trend among many things, now it is also applicable in the kitchen. Due to its prominence, contradicting the traditional effect of a glossy finish, opting for a matte finish in some, if not all your kitchen fixtures and appliances gives your kitchen that modern vibe.


The modern idea of design now is more inclined to minimalism considering that most designs are more of the less-cluster kind. More and more people have found it appealing to see less rather than see a wide display.

Built-in customized storage

In the kitchen, appliances can no longer be seen on countertops they are most likely to be stored in built-in customized drawer or cabinet. Now it is very common for kitchen designs to include the wise use of storage – cabinetry in the most fascinating ways, maximizing the spaces like hidden drawers, pull-outs and many more.

Technology in the kitchen

Like everything else, technology also evolves in the kitchen. Now you can opt for remote-controlled appliances, lighting and ventilation. One of the many high-tech appliances available in the market now, is a smart refrigerator where you can have a digital inventory of the things inside your fridge and look-up recipes online.

The kitchen is an essential part of our homes, so it is only right that we make it as beautiful as possible while integrating little parts of our personality into its design. This way we can be comfortable living in our homes while having meaningful conversations and cooking meals with our loved ones.

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