Lightning damage is real and is a major worry for many homeowners across the United States, specifically in areas where there are a lot of lightning strikes. In fact, many homes are built in such a way so as to protect property and life from the aftereffects of lightning.

Usually the aftermath of lightning results in some part of property damage, but insurance can cover that. The real issue is when damage to appliances and wiring takes place – and we know how that stuff is costly to repair and replace. It is therefore essential for homeowners and property owners to invest in lightning protection to avoid incurring these sudden and untimed costs.

If you are new to lightning protection systems, read on to know more about why you need this essential service, especially if your area is very prone to lightning strikes.

Why Do You Need Lightning Protection?

Avoid Structural Damage

It is very obvious why anyone would need lighting protection. Lightning can cause some serious damage to the structure of your home and in some unfortunate circumstances, it can cause fatalities too. Lightning needs conduction to pass through, and most commonly, underground wiring, cables, wires and equipment plugged into power units are the main victims.

Counteract Power Surges

According to statistics, the United States alone faces over 40 million lightning strikes in a year! This means quite a lot of home and property owners suffer thousands of dollars worth of property damage. A lightning protection system will ensure that a power surge is counteracted and the lightning is conducted in a safe way, without damage to your property’s structure and any electrical appliances within the home.

Avoid Fatal Loss of Life

Another reason you should get lightning protection is that lighting strikes can be fatal. A power surge can burn out electronics and possibly cause a fire hazard which is a danger to residents and those living around. A high electrical surge can cause a short-circuiting issue which can erupt in a fire at an unlucky time and the damage could be irreversible.

Safely Conduct Electricity Away from a Place of Residence

A lightning protection system safely conducts the lightning strike away from the site. What this means is that you and your home will remain safe, while the electric charge safely conducts elsewhere. In simpler words basically, a lightning protection system will keep you safe from this natural disaster.

How Does A Lightning Protection System Work?

A lightning protection system essentially works like this. It is a system made up of rods, masts, meshed conductors, catenary wires and also natural components which capture the lightning strike at the terminal. The terminal prevents the lightning from getting close to the property’s structure and then conducts the electric current into the ground or another place, away from a place of residence.

The way the system works is that it avoids any unexpected sparking and short-circuiting, which is essentially the main cause of a fire or an explosion in some cases. The lightning protection system also reduces thermal damage to the property, while also limiting mechanical damage which can save you quite a bit on repairs and replacement.

The system also prevents and limits damage to electronic devices that are plugged into power outlets, and even internal electronic systems. Nowadays, many homes and buildings have smart devices and appliances installed; these are usually connected to the main circuit breaker of the building and if the main circuit breaker is affected, so are all the devices connected to it. The advantage of a lightning protection system however is that these investments into your home, such as that of expensive electronics, will remain safe.

To protect your home electronics, there is also another alternative: Surge Protectors. If you’ve already managed a way to curb the effects of lightning on your household structure, what’s the harm in taking the extra precaution to protect the electronics within it? Replacing gaming consoles, smart devices, kitchen appliances and so on is of course expensive for a lot of Americans out there – and always a hassle to do so on short notice. Surge protectors are meant to ground the extra electricity passing through, only to let the designated amount pass through onto the devices.

Now that you know how a lightning protection system works and how advantageous it is, what are you waiting for? Head on over to FirstEnergy’s website to get started on preserving your home and its electronics. The best part is that it is one of the cheapest systems out there as opposed to footing hundreds of dollars in repair bills. 

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