If you are among those who are planning your first visit to New Hampshire, it’ll be no surprise to learn that it has all of the benefits of the rest of New England – plenty of wonderful people, scenery to match and endless ways to make a vacation unforgettable

That sure sounds nice, but it could also mean stress for those trying to make the most of their days in this unforgettable state. No matter who you are, as long as New Hampshire is calling to you, these ideas will be a perfect foundation to plan the rest of your trip around or they could even be the perfect exact plan for your week away. 

White Mountain National Forest

Nature is going to be on the minds of everyone that’s found themselves inside New Hampshire’s borders. Locals will already know about White Mountain National Forest and tourists to the state will be wise to learn about it. This forest is largely considered one of the most beautiful areas in New England and must-see for any hikers passing through. 

As with any larger protected nature area, this is not somewhere that can be completely enjoyed in one day. With that in mind, there’s plenty of options for cabin rentals in New Hampshire so whichever parts you are most curious about exploring, you won’t have to stay far away. By doing that there’s no need to break the rustic spirit you traveled too far to immerse yourself in.

The Ice Castle

Opened throughout the winter months, this very attraction could serve as the deciding factor for when a trip to New Hampshire actually happens. It’s an understatement to call this a winter wonderful and only even seeing a few pictures would drive that idea home. There’s multiple locations throughout the United States, depending on where you are coming from, you might have even seen this elsewhere throughout the country. 

Referring to it as a castle is no exaggeration either as it does more than just play the part. Inside, there’s plenty of backlit thrones, hallways, slides, sculptures and more for each guest to discover. 

Seven Birches Winery

While it’s a state that’s known for its wilderness, that’s never the only thing worth seeing. In addition to some amazing views and hikes, there’s also plenty of wine tours for you to enjoy and few are better than what’s on offer at Seven Birches Winery. Located at Loon Mountain, this winery offers the perfect mix of classic wine making sensibilities and with unique local flavors to make something that’s not possible anywhere else. 

What’s also not possible anywhere else is the magic this winery offers for what are two of the most important times of many peoples lives – their wedding and their bachelorette party. 

For those that aren’t local, it might be hard for everyone to love to attend your wedding in another state, but it should be no issue having a special weekend with you and your best friends nestled perfectly between an unforgettable view and the perfect glass of wine.

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