Is golf your favorite sport? Do you want to do a facelift for your room? Check out Palmares golf club for golf-related topics. Having a personal style to your personal space is what everyone desires. If you love golf and want to incorporate the theme into your room. The following décor ideas will help you transition from the course into your room.

Decor Ideas for Your Golf-Themed Room

Everyone has a favorite room. If you want to do a make-over of your living room, kitchen, bathroom, study room, game room, or the whole house. Follow the decor ideas listed to set you on course.  

  • Solid Colors and Plaid Pattern. The use of colors and textures from golfing can help you achieve a golf-themed room. Use elements such as sandpits, leather, fairways, metal, and greens in your décor. They will transform your room and give it an ambiance befitting of a golf course.
  • Plaid Tartan. Different types of tartan exist for different uses. Tailor-pick a tartan based on your color preference. The apparent plaid for use, in this case, is green. It will represent greens and the fairways.
  • Carpet or an Area Rug. The selection design for the rug has to match the golf scene – greens, rug, golfers square, and bags. The rug design has to be in sync with the tartan plaid. 

For your living room, go with an accessory such as a leather couch. It typifies leather bags used in golf.

  • Other Plaid Fabrics. A plaid floor isn’t everyone’s choice. If this is the case, use plaid pillows. You can also have your couch in a drape. For your room, consider having plaid draperies. It will complement everything and bring the gold theme home. 
  • Plaid Furniture. Use plaid furniture if you have a hardwood floor and a carpet. You can incorporate lampshades and plain draperies that are solid in color. It would work perfectly in complimenting everything. It would also bring out the golf theme.

For your study, install a cabinet that you can display golf trophies. Also, have a golf ball display to create a real golfer feeling.

  • Bedding. The use of beddings like a comforter is one of the simplest ways to have the plaid theme going in your house. You can also use a golf-oriented duvet cover set in the bedroom.
  • Window drapes. Curtains in a tartan plaid will spread the theme across the rooms. The room’s background will inform the choice for the type and color.
  • Plaited walls. Select a befitting color and have the bottom portion of the wall painted. Stick a plaid based wallpaper on top.
  • Accessories. Accessories such as pictures and portraits of your favorite golfers are perfect for your entertainment room. Carefully arrange them to get the ideal outcome. You can add a mural on your wall to complete the theme.

For your kitchen, you should use detached shelves. A set of wine glasses engraved with golf balls and tees will complement the theme.

Finally, for your bathroom, use whimsical trappings. Printed golf toilet rolls, towels, and golf molded soap holders. They will give your bathroom the golf feel. 

  • Make an additional partition lettering and golfer shadow for your house tavern. It will bring the game to feel when you settle for a drink or two.   


Every person who loves golf will approach the styling of their room differently. It borders on other personal aspects such as taste and purchasing power. In the end, the décor ideas should help you choose the design lane you want to pursue. All you need is functionality, style, and a golf theme that will give you that satisfying feeling when at home.

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