Selling a home can come with mixed emotions.

That said you may be both excited and sad at the thought of moving on from the place you’ve called home for a while.

Selling can be due to you found something better; you are moving out of the area due to work and other such reasons.

So, what might you need to do when a sale is not that far down the road?

Getting the Most for Your Home

When you sense a sale is not too far down the road, here are three things to focus in on:

1. Getting the home in the best shape – It goes without saying that it will be tough to move your home if it needs a lot of work. So, are you going to have to do some renovations to get the price you want for it? While you do not want to spend a ton of money on a place that will not be yours for long, you do not want to take a hit either. It may come down to doing some renovations so that the home is more likely to sell and you get more money for it. Decide what areas of the home could use a face-lift and go from there. One area to not overlook would be things such as doors and windows. If current doors and windows are old and unattractive, hard to open and close and more it can turn buyers off. One option on doors in part of the home would be bifold doors. Such doors can make for better space, provide improved views, and give you security and more. Also look to see if some of your windows need attention. You may want to replace them if they are old and do not work well. While a total renovation of the home is likely out of the question some may be worth it before going on the market.

2. Don’t forget outside – It stands to reason that the first impression a potential buyer gets is the outside. So, be sure that it is not an impression that is going to scare them away. If you have a yard, make sure it looks good. From the grass to any shrubs and so on, keep it looking tidy. While you can’t control what any neighbors do with their property, you determine how yours looks. 

3. Help sell your home – Even when working with a real estate agent, it never hurts to do a little marketing on your own. Along with making sure the home is fit inside and out for sale, you can enhance the odds of it selling. Alert neighbors, co-workers and others you are putting your place up for sale. They may know of someone looking for a home in your area of town. Also be sure to take plenty of pictures of the home in its for sale mode. You can place those on any social media accounts you have with relevant info.

In putting your home up for sale, half the battle is getting it ready before any eyes land on it.

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