First impressions count, and the first impression that prospective homebuyers get as they visit your listed property is crucial to get them excited enough to make a bid.

From decluttering your rooms for more space to upgrading your landscape to increase curb appeal, there are lots of things you can do to make your property more appealing to buyers.

Staging a home is the procedure of strategically arranging décor and furnishings to highlight the property’s strong points and make it look at its best. On top of getting buyers attracted to your property, good staging also helps them imagine themselves residing in it.

Staging a property is a strategic move when selling property. According to a survey, almost 50% of realtors believe staging impacts most home buyers’ view of a property. The same report also states that 80% of homebuyers imagine a staged property as their own.

Staging will also increase your sales price, and staged properties usually sell faster. Therefore, staging property makes a substantial impact when selling. 

Here are tips on staging your property.

Remove clutter

The most vital job when staging a property involves cleaning and purging. A nearly empty and clean house appears bigger. Get rid of personal items and knick-knacks from all surfaces. You should not keep them in the closets as your closets should appear roomy as buyers usually check them. Pack the extra stuff in a box and get them out of your home.

Keep minimal items on top of coffee tables and countertops. Keep all your toiletries in a cabinet when staging your property. 

Start by Staging Essential Rooms

When it comes to real estate staging, not all rooms are seen as the same. Therefore, you should concentrate your efforts on the rooms with the highest chances of swaying buyers’ decisions and use less time on the rooms that will not make a big difference.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the living room is the most vital room to stage, followed by the master bedroom and kitchen. You shouldn’t worry much about the rooms with minimal influence like kids’ bedrooms and guest bedrooms.

Make Repairs

House staging gives you a good opportunity to tackle the holes, scratches, tiny nicks, and other issues that show neglect to buyers. Go from one room to another with a foam eraser pad to get rid of scuffs from the walls.

If you notice places with chipped paint, you should perform paint touch-ups. The aim of making repairs is not only to make the house attractive but also to show prospective buyers that you have maintained it.

Deep Clean Your Home

When you put your house in the market, you should clean it from top to bottom and inside and out. 

Every inch of your listed property should sparkle, from edges of your ceiling to floorboards and everything in between. A sparkling clean house indicates to potential buyers that you have taken good care of the house. If you previously overlooked activities like cleaning your window blinds regularly or washing the interior of your fridge, now would be the time to address them.

Ensure your bathroom and kitchen are sparkling clean, and your toilet lid is shut before staging. Air out the whole property by opening your windows – scented candles and air fresheners can cause allergies, and you don’t want potential buyers to be uncomfortable.

Rearrange Furniture

Your home should have as much walk-able and open space as possible. This ensures prospective buyers move around and help them better envision their own furniture in the space. Store extraneous furniture away from the house and remove any damaged or oversized pieces.

Once you remain with the furniture that is to occupy the staged property, place tables, chairs, and couches away from walls to make the house feel spacious.

Light and Brighten the Space

Dark rooms are usually associated with sadness. Buyers usually look for bright rooms; therefore, lighting is an important aspect of property staging. Open your window blinds and pull back your curtains to brighten your space and make it feel spacious. Switch on every light in the home, such as closet lights and lamps, when buyers visit. This ensures your property is more welcoming and ensures buyers don’t stumble around while locating the switches.

You should ensure your light fixtures are attractive. If your fixtures are dingy and your lampshades are dated, replace them. Dusting fixtures and bulbs will make them let more light go in.

De-personalize Your Home

One of the main aims of property staging is to help potential buyers envision themselves living in the house. Although your staged home should have charm and style, you should avoid adding personal touches that show you still own the house.

Begin by getting rid of personal photos, ensuring you remove framed pictures on surfaces and walls any stuff that hangs on your refrigerator. Store your clothes away and keep them out of vision, and clear bathroom cabinets of personal items. You should also remove anything religious.

Paint with Neutral Colors

Although bright paint colors will help individuals convey their personalities in their homes, many home buyers are disenchanted by them. When your home is on the market, and you want to stage it, you should paint over bright colors with neutrals such as taupe, white, and grey. Bright colors can outshine your property’s assets, and like photos and clothes, they indicate the home’s past instead of the future.

Market Your Staged Property

For your staged property to attract many potential buyers, you have to give it as much exposure as possible. One effective way of advertising your listed property is by using postcards for real estate. 

By utilizing direct mailings, send your contact list postcards for real estate that are attractive and cover relevant subjects. Work with Wise Pelican, which offers direct mail for real estate listings to increase your listed property’s exposure. 

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your property is how attractive your property appears on first sighting. It is an important aspect when staging your property since your house’s exterior is the first thing prospective buyers notice. 

Here’s how you can improve your property’s curb appeal:

• Clean your windows

• Ensure your house number is readable.

• Cut the lawn

• Power wash the walkways and driveways.

• Trim overgrown bushes and shrubs

• Place potted plants and a welcome mat on your doorstep.

• Place outdoor furniture on your porch.

• Plant flowers

Final Thoughts

Staging a property on the market is not expensive; you just have to make smart choices. Consult your real estate agent on upgrades you could make to add value to your property and attract more potential buyers to come for a showing. When you follow these easy home staging tips, you can relax and wait for the right buyer.

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