Berkshire is one of the best places to live in the UK due to a booming economy and numerous earning opportunities. It also has one of the oldest and largest royal residences, Windsor Castle. 

True to its innate culture, people in this city prefer terraced houses with modular kitchens. Hence, Berkshire kitchens are usually designed with rustic wood textures and solid oak paint.

But the most trending styles in 2020 are fitted kitchens with unique cabinetry and designer storage units. One of the key benefits of fitted kitchens is that appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens, are integrated into the cabinetry. 

Fitted kitchens enhance the décor and give a sleek and polished appearance. Let’s discuss in detail why you must choose fitted kitchens for your home.

Easy to Customise

According to West Berkshire Council, the total population of Berkshire county is about 911,403, and the household size is about two people per house. As the family size is small, many people do not buy big houses. Most of them settle with apartments, flat, or small row-houses.

Irrespective of your home’s size, you can customise Berkshire kitchens with modern architecture and designs. Fitted kitchens come with distinctive cabinet sets and storage units that you can modify according to your choice and colours. Wooden cabinets are trending in the market, but if you wish to get a marble platform and storage unit, you can customise it according to your requirement.

Best for Small Spaces

According to an article on Rightmove, most of the properties bought in Berkshire were detached houses and terraced properties. When you have a home with limited space, you cannot design a kitchen with large furniture and cabinets.

Fitted kitchens allow you to make the best use of limited space available. You will never run out of storage space if you have fitted cabinets, desks, platforms, and drawers in your kitchen. Fitted kitchens come with a proper package for easy management of your supplies and food essentials.

Specific to Your Room-size

As it is easy to customise, the room size and dimensions will also be considered before you integrate it into the fitted kitchen. Many fitted kitchen suppliers offer an online service to note the dimensions and your specific requirements.

The cabinets, platforms, and other storage units can be altered to fit into your kitchen space. If your kitchen is too small, but you wish to have an island kitchen design, the suppliers can trim the structure and fix it in your space. 

In Berkshire, farmhouse style and mid-century styles are popular kitchen designs. But with fitted kitchens, you can maintain the style and modify the cabinets with some modern touch.

Easy to Transform an Irregular-shaped Kitchen

Berkshire is known for its sheep-farming and cheese production. Barkham Blue, Spenwood, Wigmore, and Waterloo are some of the most delicious cheese types produced here, and people prefer homemade cheese any day. 

If you also love making cheese at home, but due to lack of space, avoid it, or can’t make your cheese in large batches, you need more kitchen space. Sometimes, an irregular-shaped kitchen can also cramp the available space. It is challenging to design the kitchen if it lacks proper structure. 

But with the help of fitted kitchens, you can uniquely design the kitchen. No free-standing units work for ill-shaped kitchens, but fitted units work well for such kitchen types.

You may find various fitted kitchen designs; just opt for the one that adds a spark to your living space. Consult the reliable fitted kitchen suppliers in Berkshire, and let them know your specific requirements.

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