Many people love spring for its fresh air and ideal temperatures. It’s the time of the year when the weather is not too hot or cold, perfect for barbecues, hangouts, and stopping to smell the roses – unless you have allergies. 

For all its amazing perks, springtime can be a nightmare for people who are sensitive to dust and pollen. If that’s a significant concern, this article highlights the top 5 landlord-approved deep cleaning tips during allergy season. From pressure washing services to spruce up your home’s exterior to decluttering your interior space, here are the best ways to make your home a haven and stop sneezing. 

5 Landlord-Approved Deep Cleaning Tips During Allergy Season

1. Declutter Before You Clean

Ensure you never miss a spot by decluttering before you clean. It’s easy for dust mites and dirt to hide in tiny crevices around the house, so you have to make an effort to organize before you get started. Cleaning professionals usually recommend removing all items from the space you want to wipe down. It would be best to go from one corner to the other in a circular fashion so you don’t mess up spots you’ve already cleaned. 

In addition, you can also use the opportunity to get rid of clothes, decorations, and furnishings you no longer need. This action creates more space in your home for better airflow, keeping allergens at bay and your nose clear. 

2. Clean from Top to Bottom

Picture this: you notice your rugs are dirty, so you meticulously take time to dust them out and vacuum them thoroughly. Unfortunately, after you’re done with that chore, you realize you forgot to remove the cobwebs on the ceiling, so you grab a broom and get to work. However, as you work, you notice dirt drops on your newly cleaned rug, meaning you have to start again. 

By cleaning from top to bottom, you can avoid doubling your work. Professional cleaners recommend wiping down blinds, fans, and air vents first, as these are typically higher up, preventing droppings from falling on floors you’ve already cleaned. 

3. Dust Carpets and Accessories

Remember to deep clean your carpets and accessories like pillows and blankets to ensure your home is dust-free. Despite cleaning your home from top to bottom, these furnishings can still harbor dirt that triggers your allergies when you try to get cozy at night. Thus, it would be best to add it to your deep cleaning to-do list. 

If several rooms use carpet flooring, it would help to rent an industrial carpet cleaner that thoroughly cleans and dries your carpets. It might be pricey, but at least you’ll be sure your rugs are spick and span, and the process can even help you get rid of some stubborn stains. 

4. Check for Mold

Keep dangerous fungi in check by inspecting your house while you clean. Spring is prime time for mold infestations because the weather is a lot more humid, and poorly ventilated spaces hide melting ice and pools of water. Hence, it would be wise to look for signs of mold during the cleaning process, especially in spaces like the basement, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, and close to water sources.

Mold can be highly harmful to tenants’ health, so ensure you fix leaks and replace broken tiles while you work. After all, deep cleaning allows you to spot minor issues that might become big problems later so you can proactively repair them, saving you time and money. Discuss your maintenance concerns with a reliable property manager in Baltimore County to make your rental a clean haven no matter the season.

5. Purify the Air

Make a conscious effort to keep your air dust and allergen-free. Decluttering, cleaning, and preventing mold are excellent ways to purify the air, but you should take it a step further. Also, consider changing your HVAC filters. Experts recommend doing so every 3 months, and a replacement can be a game-changer in improving its efficacy and increasing the lifespan of your HVAC system. You can also skip cleaning products with fragrances, as such additives can trigger allergies. 

3 Things to Consider for a Spring HVAC Maintenance 

1. What Needs to Be Replaced

Keep your HVAC system running and ready to continue cooling into the summer months. Spring is the perfect time to conduct HVAC maintenance because it allows you to remove debris buildup, which can improve the system’s efficiency and indoor air quality. 

As we highlighted earlier, this is also a prime opportunity to replace dirty filters with newer ones that don’t restrict airflow or release dust and pollens into your room’s circulation. 

In addition, check other parts of your HVAC system at this point. Components such as coils, fans, and belts require fewer changes but are still prone to wear and tear. Replacing them now could save you more money and prevent your A/C from breaking down in the middle of a heat wave. 

2. When to Hire HVAC Professionals

Seasonal HVAC preventative maintenance can help landlords avoid bigger expenses when a situation calls, so schedule a visit to ensure your systems are in tip-top condition. Besides, spring is the ideal time to hire a professional because it is still months away from their peak period in the summer. In other words, you can get discounted rates while improving your unit’s efficiency and eliminating allergens. 

3. Investing in a Programmable Thermostat

Upgrade to a programmable thermostat to cut your energy bills. Modern gadgets can attract tech-savvy tenants but also appeal to environmentally-friendly renters. Programmable thermostats contribute to significant energy savings by allowing residents to choose different temperature settings based on the time of day and their routine, ensuring the AC is only on full blast when necessary instead of round the clock. Additionally, it also reduces the workload of your HVAC equipment, extending its lifespan and delaying the need for a replacement. 


In conclusion, spring can be difficult for people with allergies, but with these 5 landlord-approved deep cleaning tips, you should be fine. Always start by decluttering your space to create more room, then you can clean from top to bottom and end with a thorough wash of your carpets and accessories. Additionally, remember to check for mold and purify the air to improve quality and ventilation. 

While you’re at it, prioritize HVAC maintenance. Spring is the best time to hire a professional because they’re a lot less busy, and you can replace the necessary parts well before the hotter months. Also, consider buying a programmable thermostat to reduce your utility bills and optimize your unit this spring. 

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