The time has finally come to sell your house. Although you had many wonderful memories here, it’s time to close this chapter in preparation for starting a new one. As you prepare to say your goodbyes to your current house, it’s important to consider all the things you’ll need to do to get your home sold fast. 

The longer your house sits on the market, the less likely you are to get the offer you want. To ensure you sell your house for the price you want, you need to know the best tips for preparing to sell a house. What are some of the best upgrades to make that’ll give you the highest ROI (return on investment)? 

What upgrades will attract potential buyers the most? What are some things that can be done to the house that won’t cost any money, but can help it sell quickly? We have all the answers you’re looking for. 

Continue reading below for several tips for preparing a house to sell!

1. Inspect the House For Signs of Needed Repairs

One of the first things you might want to do is inspect the house for signs of necessary repairs. Think of all the things that’ll stick out to a buyer. You can pretend to be an actual buyer and walk around your house as if you were the one planning to purchase it. 

What are a few things you notice? For example, is there a water stain on the ceiling? This could be a sign of a potential water leak or issue.

Even if you’ve already correct the problem, buyers will notice this stain and feel hesitant. Are there windows that won’t open easily? Does the toilet run until you correct it by hand? 

These are some of the things you’ll want to correct before potential buyers view your house. Fortunately, if you decide to sell to a cash buyer, then you won’t have to worry about making these kinds of repairs. Cash offers are quick and allow sellers to sell the house as-is. 

For more information about selling to a cash buyer, check out this home buying site

2. Clean, Depersonalize, and Declutter Everything

Now you’ll want to start tackling some easier upgrades that’ll go a long way. To start, clean everything. A clean house will impress buyers and create a more inviting atmosphere. 

If needed, then you can even consider having a professional cleaning crew come in and clean the house for you. You’ll then need to depersonalize the house as well. Anything in the house that’s personal to you should be removed. 

This includes artwork on the walls, family portraits, and more. Although you love the way it looks in your home, potential buyers might have a different taste in decor, and you want to give them a blank canvas to work with. Last, don’t forget to declutter the entire home

You can clean a house and depersonalize it but still have several unnecessary items in each room. Remove it all. Keep the bare minimum, and use a storage unit if necessary (don’t place everything in the closets or garage). 

3. Apply Fresh Coats of Paint on the Interior and Exterior 

A fresh coat of paint is a simple and inexpensive fix that’ll make a big difference. A house with a fresh coat of paint will smell new and even look new. You should consider applying a fresh coat of paint to both the interior and exterior. 

Before painting the exterior, do remove any paint chips and clean the exterior walls before painting. Once dry, you can then begin the process. You may need to do the same for the interior walls as well.

Be sure to choose neutral colors such as whites or beiges. This allows potential buyers to picture their own color scheme and design. 

4. Bring in the Natural Light Plus Artificial Light

Something many homebuyers look for when searching for a new home is lots of natural light. When you walk into your house, is there enough natural light to light up the entire home? If not, start finding ways to bring in more natural light. 

You might need to trim tree branches to expose the windows to the sun. You should also bring in as much artificial light as possible as well. Create a good mix of the two. 

The brighter the house is, the more open and larger it’ll appear. 

5. Stick With Using Neutral Colors

As mentioned before, you’ll want to paint your house in neutral colors to give buyers a blank canvas. The same is true when selecting furniture for staging the house. If working with a professional realtor, then they’ll know what colors to use. 

Sticking with neutral colors is ideal because it prevents potential buyers from being turned off by color schemes or patterns that don’t appeal to them. 

6. Boost the House’s Curb Appeal

Take a few minutes to head outside and look at your house from the end of the driveway. What’s the first thing you notice? What type of curb appeal does your house have? 

Remember, curb appeal is the first thing buyers will see when approaching your house. There are several ways to quickly boost the curb appeal and attract more buyers. To begin, you can trim all tree branches and shrubs if needed.

Mow the lawn and remove any debris. Plant new flowers and lay down fresh mulch in the garden beds. Add a seasonal wreath to the front door and a welcome mat to create a more homey environment. 

When Preparing to Sell a House, Start Right Here

If you’re preparing to sell a house, then you’re in the right place. Use the helpful information given in this guide above to help you attract more buyers and sell your home quickly. When you don’t have the time or money to put into the house, then never hesitate to look into selling it to a cash buyer as-is.

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