Have you ever taken the time to learn why leaves fall off trees? The answer is quite interesting, relating to a tree’s innate ability to preserve energy and encourage new growth.

As much as we all love the fall season, homeowners know that after a few weeks, those fallen leaves can impact curb appeal landscaping.

What, exactly, does that leaf litter do to your curb appeal? How can you address it?

Read on to find out more about what happens to your curb appeal during the autumn season.

The Early Months: A Naturally Festive Touch

When leaves first change colors and falling from the trees, they can liven up your yard. All those pops of orange and yellow and red will blend nicely with seasonal plants like mums. Plus, if you enjoy sprucing up your yard with holiday decorations, that initial leaf litter will look like it was placed in your yard on purpose.

In other words, you don’t need to rush outside at the first sign of fall to clean up your yard. Enjoy the colorful spread for a few weeks!

Leaf Decay: No Longer Benefitting Your Curb Appeal Landscaping

There comes a time when leaf litter no longer looks attractive. After a few weeks, the leaves will start to decay, turning a crisp brown and creating a musty, damp odor. At this point, those leaves may start to negatively impact your curb appeal landscaping.

Plus, whether you have grass that’s meant to go dormant or a cold-season variety, those leaves can have a negative impact. All varieties of grass benefit from oxygen and sun exposure in the cold season. If your yard is covered in a layer of decaying leaves, it can cause the grass to suffocate and struggle to come back in the spring.

What to Do With Fallen Leaves

Raking is no longer the easiest way to move the leaves away from your yard. We recommend grabbing a high-quality leaf blower from Schroder to control your leaf litter without breaking your back. 

When it comes to removing leaves, you have a few options. While you do want to clear leaf decay from your lawn, you don’t have to bag and toss them. In fact, leaf litter can create a great habitat for insects and other critters during the cold winter months.

As long as you move leaf litter away from your lawn and other landscaping features, you will be in great shape for the rest of the season!

Keep Your Landscaping Seasonally Appropriate 

Fall is a beautiful season and we love to see the leaves change, becoming vibrant and colorful. However, trademark registration can start to impact your curb appeal landscaping, causing your yard to look messy–and experience growth problems. Using a leaf blower to manage leaf litter throughout the fall is the best way to protect your landscaping and keep your curb appeal strong.

Want to see what the real estate experts are doing to boost curb appeal? Take a look around for guides and inspiration that will help you maintain gorgeous, modern landscaping.

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