The process of moving to a new house in an unfamiliar town can be quite stressful, especially for children who may struggle to comprehend and embrace the change. Teenagers, in particular, may exhibit disruptive behavior, causing challenges at home and in school. For parents, this necessitates not only managing the logistical aspects of the relocation but also emotionally preparing their children for the move. To assist in this endeavor, here are some helpful tips for preparing kids for a move.

First and foremost, open communication is crucial when it comes to an upcoming move. Keeping it a secret until the last moment can lead to complications. Instead, share the news early on to allow sufficient time for adjustment, questions, and addressing any fears well before moving day.

Even for younger children, it’s important to convey that a significant change is on the horizon, using age-appropriate language to explain the reasons behind it. If they react negatively, that’s understandable, as fear, nervousness, or anger are natural emotional responses to the unfamiliar. Parents should validate these feelings by expressing empathy and creating a safe space for children to voice their concerns. Providing a sense of predictability and security by outlining when specific changes can be expected is also beneficial.

Once past this initial hurdle, involving youngsters in the moving process is recommended. Toddlers can contribute by selecting which toys they want to keep with them and which ones will go in the moving truck. Older kids can take on more substantial responsibilities, such as helping with errands or managing the to-do list, fostering a sense of contribution.

Maintaining the same routine to which children are accustomed is equally important. Keeping up with sports games, piano lessons, and club meetings until the last week before the move strikes a balance between continuity and preparation for change. This delicate balancing act can be challenging, and parents are encouraged to seek support and additional resources to maintain a calm and collected demeanor, even in challenging situations.

Organizing a moving away party can be beneficial for school-age children. Not only does it allow them to bid farewell to friends, but it also provides an opportunity for parents to gather contact information to facilitate continued communication. Similarly, revisiting their favorite places around town for one last time, accompanied by capturing memories through pictures, can help children transition as they make new friends, explore new places, and feel more at home in the new house.

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