eBay has some of the largest collection of independent listings from individuals and businesses looking to offer their products for sale. Thus, it can be very difficult to scour for the perfect deal among the millions of listings available. So here are some of the best ways to find the best bargains on eBay for a small price of your time and effort.

1. eBay’s daily deals

eBay has a dedicated section for their daily deals. It is a page of listings that have a significant discount off their retail price. While it may be difficult to search for a particular item that you need, the variety of the listings on this page may be large enough to include what you are looking for. A variety of listings from multiple categories decorate this page and the discounts may be tempting at first glance. However, as most of the discounts are against the product’s suggested retail price, it may not reflect the discount against the current market value of the product. The bargains available here should be cross checked with listings of the same item from other places to confirm that the deal is worth your time and money. This is however a good starting place to look for your bargain.

2. Bulk listings

Some listings from individuals may include a collection of items they want to dispose of in bulk as it is a hassle to list the items individually. There may be a gem in the collection of random items that is worth more than the listing itself. Or a very highly rated item may be part of a bundled listing of a set. These usually only happen when individual sellers are looking for a quick buck without the hassle of negotiating with multiple buyers for their items. An example may be someone selling a full set of interchangeable lens camera which may include an average camera body, but an amazing and expensive lens for the asking price. These bargains may be even harder to find as some of these listing may not include full descriptions of the items in the bundle. Therefore, you may need to search and squint at pictures upon pictures in these listings to see if there is a great bargain.

3. Bids

Another way to get a good deal is by bidding for an item instead of using the ‘buy it now’ feature. Bid listings on eBay have a ton of quirks and characteristics due to the inexperience of sellers. Not all live auctions on eBay have the same traffic and popularity. Thus, it is important to search for auctions that are the least popular and have low or reasonable opening bids. These low bids are usually initiated by the seller themselves to bait bid traffic. When you have found a live auction which are not popular, try to wait until the end of the auction. The right time to bid would be right at the end of the auction, at the very last second. This will ensure that the listing remain unpopular and you are able to bid on the item with a reasonable price.

After you have obtained a bargain after hours or maybe days of search, it is time to handle the shipment of the items. Sellers may not provide shipping service and require you to collect it yourself instead. You can ship the items to you instead by providing all the details of the shipment to a shipping aggregator for the best shipping rates.

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