The gambling sector is one of the most profitable industries in the world and the internet and smartphones have further boosted the industry. There are new companies opening every week and the competition is high. At the same time, the gambling industry is full of mergers and acquisitions. The big companies like a top live dealer online casino for Australians are constantly buying lesser successful companies and venturing into mergers with other large gambling companies. 

Mergers and acquisitions are commonly seen in the business world and people mostly fear that they will lead to an unbalanced market with a couple of industry giants and the extinction of small to mid-size companies. This can also lead to monopoly because, in the lack of competition, the companies can offer what they want at their price. But when the competition is high, the prices go down and there is a regulated market with low-cost, mid-cost, and high-cost service providers for everyone’s needs. For example, Apple is a company commonly associated with high-cost service as it is a prestigious brand. 

The Current Trends

The online gambling sector is highly competitive and regulated and due to these risks, a lot of larger gambling corporations venture into mergers and acquisitions recently. This way, they are able to beat the competition and also deal with complex regulations. 

The online gambling sector is stronger in Europe where the public is generally more liberal with gambling than in the US and therefore, most of these mergers occurred in Europe with some happening in the US too. Still, the US is a bit complex market because individual states have their own sets of regulations to be followed and not all have legalized online gambling. 

The Effects on Players

The growth of an online market and the numerous mergers and acquisitions are positive news for gamblers and punters because whenever competition is high, prices decrease and all sorts of commodities are used to lure players to their websites. For example, many casinos and sports betting operators have welcome bonuses when players sign up and regular bonuses to retain them. 

The online gambling sector is growing and will only continue to grow. Even though mergers and acquisitions are a common trait in the industry, it remains highly competitive which is good for the companies and the players too. 

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