You may know someone who loves to collect too much stuff and dumps it aimlessly inside their home. Soon you find out that the house is no longer livable because of the excessive amount of clutter that has accumulated. That person can be classified as a hoarder and needs help right away.

Hoarding can be a significant issue if:

  • The neighbors are complaining because of the smell.
  • The amount of junk is scary and becomes a fire hazard.
  • The owner has difficulty sleeping in their bedroom, using the restroom, and even cooking in the kitchen because there is clutter everywhere.
  • The person gets into severe fights with neighbors or relatives that are reaching out to help.
  • Refusal to admit that there is something wrong with their life.

Common hoarding signs that you need to know

  • Enjoy collecting anything that has no specific purpose in their life. A hoarder will always say, “who knows, maybe I might need it in the future” and ends up keeping an item or two.
  • Have challenges when it comes to cleaning their house. No matter how much trash they throw away, the house still looks messy.
  • Have difficulty in making simple choices because there is always something at the back of their mind.
  • Do not have a definite plan, direction, or schedule to follow. They do things spontaneously, which can affect other people.
  • Always late because they have a hard time finding something that is misplaced.
  • Complain about the clutter but do not do anything to solve the problem.

How to address a hoarding situation

People who hoard stuff are stubborn or difficult to deal with. Most of them get angry when someone tries to touch their stuff. If you are willing to help, you need lots of patience and understanding.

You have to understand that the truth blinds most hoarders. Many are not aware that their actions can lead to hurting the feelings of other people.

Some hoarders acknowledge their condition. However, their situation remains the same because most of them do not reach out for help. They feel ashamed that they have reached this point, and they are scared that people might judge them.

If you want to help out, have a heart to heart talk with that person who loves to hoard everything. You can offer help by introducing them to experienced junk haulers from Evergreen Junk Removal, so they can have a pretty good head-start on cleaning.

Counseling is also a great option, so the person will eventually realize that hoarding is a very destructive habit. Let them feel that they are one hundred percent supported in their journey towards a cleaner and more organized way of life.

Lastly, hoarding is a disorder that needs time and effort to fix. Encourage the person to see a therapist every week to help address all their issues in life. Continue the process until such time that they get better at getting rid of clutter around them. 

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