Although bathrooms are some of the functional spaces in your home, that doesn’t mean they should remain plain and disregarded during the interior decor of the house. They can also be used to make a design statement, whether you are building a new home or only planning a renovation. Here are some great designs you should consider:

Use black in place of the popular grey

Over the years, bathroom designs have been moving towards the bolder colours, grey has already served its part in the past 2016 and 2017 designs, and it is time to make a change. In the spirit of being bold, it is now time to bring in black. Designs that have a light fixture, mirrors, and vanities with a matte finish are set to be the new trend in modern bathrooms.

Gold is back and rocking

Gold is here to allow you to explore that glamorous side of yourself. You don’t have to go all out, be subtle, starting small then building it up gradually. You can start with a simple thing like your light fixtures or your sinks, then keep adding more till you feel it’s right just the way you want it. Thanks to technology now you can have the different finish options such as matte, satin and spun gold. This technique will give your bathroom that classic feel without it resembling your grandmother’s bathroom.

New tile patterns and shapes

You no longer have to use square or rectangle tiles for your bathrooms, thanks to technology, manufacturers can make new tiles in different shapes and patterns. Look for the new hexagonal, diamond, arabesque shaped tiles to liven up your bathroom. You can use the tiles for the floor, shower walls, and even the ceiling. These tiles are eye-catching, and you won’t have gone all way out, it is safe to try, especially if you are not the bold type.

Allow the splash of colour

Since grey bathrooms are bid goodbye, a myriad of colours is expected to pop up in the new designs. Colourful fixtures, accents, and other bathroom accessories are going to be part of the new era in our bathrooms. This pop of colour will work well with the neutral colour you choose to pair them with; it could be the black or even the typical white. The colour you choose could be a representation of your feelings. For instance, blue is a popular colour that has been known to represent relaxation and green to give a hint of nature.

Welcome warmer tones with wooden accents

Wood provides a sense of warmth to your bathroom, and with the grey going off the shelf, the wooden accents are back. They now come in various shades which will go well with various colours, both dark and light ones. Wood will also complement your industrial and vintage styles, making it a rather viable option when remodelling your bathroom. With the new unique styles of wood, you add a classic feel to your bathroom without overruling its modernity.


Every once in a while, you feel your bathroom needs a change in its look, sometimes all you need is a simple change to make it look as good as new a change in the light fixtures or even the shower head. The above designs are some of the trending designs of 2019 that should give you an idea of bathroom designs to incorporate in your new house or when remodelling your bathroom.

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