In the real estate industry, first impressions are key. Especially now in the times of COVID-19, buyers will often drive by your property when you’re not expecting them, so you’ll want to make sure your exterior is ready to thrill as soon as you stick that ‘For Sale’ sign on your front lawn.

If you don’t have the budget for big renovations — don’t worry. Curb appeal, while one of the most important tasks to tackle prior to sale, can be relatively inexpensive. Keep reading for some tips on how to get started!

Focus on first impressions with a top-notch entry

If a buyer feels welcomed when they arrive at your property, they’ll want to go inside to see more. If they’re greeted by dying plants and chipping paint, they may turn tail and run.

You want your exterior to stand out, but there’s no need to go over the top. Giving your front door a pop of color, for instance, will attract your buyer’s eye without feeling tacky. 

Next, try purchasing prominent house numbers and a new doormat. These are inexpensive purchases that can transform any outdated, drab entryway into something your buyers will remember. 

If you have some leftover funds in your budget, set up a small seating area on the front porch. This lets your potential buyers imagine themselves sipping coffee while waving to their neighbors each morning. Plus, having a small sitting area on your front porch is great for staging, photos, and general ambiance. 

Tackle your lawn care and basic yard maintenance 

Not everyone has a green thumb. The thought of keeping your grass and plants alive for a month at a time may seem daunting, especially if you have a busy schedule. 

However, you definitely do not want to neglect basic lawn care. Instead, leave it to the professionals. Any real estate agent would attest to the importance of implementing a lawn care service prior to selling.

The best part? A professional weed-and-feed program typically reaps a 303% return on investment. Whatever funds you dedicate to your lawn care will undoubtedly be covered in your home sale. 

Basic mowing, trimming, and edging normally cost anywhere between $30 to $80, so the investment won’t break the bank. Go the extra mile and really impress your buyers by planting some colorful flowers that’ll give your exterior a pop of color. 

Investments sure to impress your buyers 

If you’re trying to sell for the best possible price, investing in a few exterior updates will only increase your closing price. 

While giving your garage door a new coat of paint may be enough, replacing it entirely will give you a 98% return on investment. In addition, adding a stone path from your driveway to your entry way gives you a hefty return on investment of 105%. 

Remember, when you’re deciding what investments are worth it, always focus on ROI.

Enhance your lighting 

Sometimes, buyers may drive by your property in the dark or scheduling purposes may demand a nighttime viewing. 

Lighting is very important for marketing. Brighter lights in warmer tones will give your property a cozy feel, while solar lighting will truly impress any environmentally-minded buyers. 

Add some flair and whimsical touches

As noted, you want your exterior to be both unique and rememberable. Adding a decoration to your property will not only force buyers to remember your property, but it’ll also give your exterior an inviting, fun vibe.

Add a yard ornament, such as a bird feeder that’ll give your exterior a cute touch. If your selling during a holiday season, decorate with a pumpkin, snowman, or wreath. Feel free to get creative, just don’t overdo it.

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