Single-family homes are homes that a single family owns. They don’t share walls with other units and have more space and privacy for family members and storage. In 2018, the US Census Bureau reported that 840,000 new single-family homes were built. Of these, 36% had three or more bedrooms, compared to just 10% of multi-family units.

Investing In A Single-Family Home

Investing in a single-family residence can be both lucrative and easy to manage. Property management companies screen potential tenants and ensure that occupancy rates are high. In addition, single-family homes can be improved to increase their value and generate a high financial return. Investing in real estate such as single-family homes for sale in Katy, TX, is a good idea when home prices are rising, and you want to minimize your involvement in property maintenance. Compared to multi-family homes, single-family properties tend to have a lower turnover of tenants. Most tenants pay rent on time and don’t damage the property. Unfortunately, a few bad tenants do occasionally ruin your investment. Luckily, most tenants aren’t as destructive, but it is always possible to find a tenant who isn’t paying rent on time or damaging the property.

As the most common type of housing, demand for single-family homes will remain high. Despite the many economic changes that have impacted family sizes, there will always be a demand for single-family dwellings. As the average family size continues to shrink, more people prefer to live alone or with a roommate. In addition, the baby-boom generation is entering retirement, and many are downsizing from large-family homes.


The cost of building a single-family home has increased over the past several years, but it is still lower than in the past. On average, a new home will cost between $180,000 and $360,000, with land and financing making up only about twenty to twenty-five percent of the cost. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) breaks down construction costs into eight major stages, each of which has its costs. Single-family homes also require a higher down payment than multi-family homes, which can be prohibitive for some first-time home buyers. Additionally, buyers may need more cash for a down payment and closing costs. With enough cash to cover these costs, they may be able to obtain a mortgage.


Single-family homes are a great choice for a home if you’re looking for more space. These houses are generally much bigger than multi-family residences and tend to have more room to store things inside. They also typically have more exterior space, allowing you to do more landscaping and modify the house. However, you may have to pay more for a single-family home than a multi-family one. Single-family homes are a great option for people considering starting a family. They don’t have to share walls or roofs with another family, which is especially important for those who want a more private living space. One downside to single-family homes is that there’s always the potential to live next to a noisy neighbor or relative, so you may need to be aware of noise levels.


Zoning a single-family home is the process of getting the property zoned for the uses it has on the property. The requirements vary from city to city. For example, you’ll have to rezone a single-family home if you plan to build an apartment. A single-family home in a suburban neighborhood will have different requirements than one in a busy city. There’s a lot of controversy over zoning a single-family home. Many people argue that zoning restricts the amount of housing that can be built. However, zoning for single-family homes can be beneficial. It can allow you to build additional rental units or even a duplex. Some cities have even rezoned existing single-family homes for multi-family units. Zoning for single-family homes should be done to protect the quality of life in a neighborhood. Single-family zoning is meant to create less dense neighborhoods where single-family homes are the only ones.

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