If you’re looking for a way to save money on your concrete projects, consider a custom precast concrete building. The process can save you both time and money. With precast, curing conditions are controlled. This means that the process can be accelerated without compromising strength or quality. Curing on-site is difficult, expensive, and can result in a defective product. There are too many delicate variables to account for.


The SlenderWall prefabricated wall panel system is a lightweight, cost-efficient alternative to structural precast concrete. This precast concrete wall system mimics a variety of architectural finishes while also providing durability and cost-efficiency. It is also possible to create multiple looks with one panel. The PCI Color and Texture Guide includes 24 color choices and 500 textures. Combined, these options allow for limitless architectural concrete finishes.

The lightweight design of SlenderWall makes it more efficient to install than other concrete walls. Because of this, it reduces the amount of foundation and superstructure required. This also reduces shipping and installation costs. Plus, the panels are vapor-proof and maintenance-free. The concrete panels are also corrosion-resistant, meaning they will look great for years.

Wausau Tile

If you consider installing custom precast concrete terrazzo tile on your interior floors or walls, you will want to know a few things before you begin. For instance, following the rules and guidelines set forth by the Tile Council of North America for installation is essential. Wausau Tile has been a trusted partner with architects and designers for over six decades, and its products are found in communities across the United States.

Precast concrete pavers are available in a variety of finishes and colors. They can be customized for any design, including intricate patterns. Water-jet cutting is one option for obtaining custom designs.

Tectura Designs

Custom precast concrete Iowa is one of the most beautiful architectural products available. With hundreds of molds designed by skilled craftsmen, it can be cast into various unique shapes. To create the coveted look, careful selection of form and color is essential. Choosing appropriate aggregates also plays a vital role in creating the final product.

Custom precast concrete from Tectura Designs can be the perfect choice for both on-grade and rooftop applications. The company’s Quattro Series will give customers the flexibility and strength they need for their projects. The company offers more than 60 standard sizes and a wide range of customization options. This includes an extensive library of sample images and aggregate combinations.

Hershey Medical Center

When designing the parking structure at the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, the design team wanted to create a unique form that would complement the other buildings on the campus. In addition, the structure would have to match the materiality of the surrounding campus buildings, fit the tight construction schedule, and meet budgetary and technical goals. Precast concrete helped them meet all of these goals.

The new hospital was designed to create an environment for healing that would connect the healthcare team with the surrounding environment. First, the design team worked with the engineers to design custom precast concrete connections for the facade. Next, the design team modeled the desired facade, adapting the precast concrete to fit the building’s brick and steel structure. Finally, using three-dimensional modeling software, the team could view the entire façade before casting.

Target Retail

Target’s new Chicago store is a prime example of innovative precast concrete work. The project comprises a first-floor parking structure and two floors of retail space. The second-floor retail area features an extensive escalator system along Division Street. The structure includes interior truck docks, 15′ 0″ clearance, long-span double-TTs, and transfer beams.

Cleveland Public Square

Custom precast concrete was used throughout the Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio, which underwent an expansion and modernization project. As a result, the 10-acre space now features vast green spaces and unique concrete designs. The construction project was completed in time for the Republican National Convention in 2016. The new public space features a walking path, fountains, and a lawn for events. More than 2 million pounds of concrete were used in the project.

The project also included a rainwater harvesting system. The rainwater collected from the square is cleaned and stored by a rainwater collection system operated by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. In addition to collecting runoff water, the system pretreats it through a Contech CDS hydrodynamic separator. This helps the system lower its cleaning costs by removing debris from runoff water. It also helps keep pollutants out of the mechanical system.

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