With the dozens of primary color options available for interior decorating, it surprises some people to learn that white remains one of the most popular choices. People enjoy decorating their homes and offices in white because the color emphasizes space while also acting as a powerful color all on its own. 

Below are several decorating options for those who have chosen to use white as a primary color. Interior decorators can think of it as a blank palate.

Start with a White Living Room

The living room is the heart of any home and the place where families and roommates typically spend the most time. Professional interior designers often recommend using a warmer shade of white in the living room to make it appear extra cozy and to set the tone for the rest of the home. Choosing just the right lighting for the living room also helps to cast a warmer glow over the entire area.

White wall shelves help to complete the minimalist look of a living room decorated in mostly white colors. Placing artwork and personal photos on the wall and choosing a central focal point for the room, such as rounded coffee tables, helps to complete the ambiance the homeowner or renter is trying to achieve.

A White Bed Frame Turns the Focal Point Away from the Bed

The bed often ends up being the focal point of a bedroom, whether people want it to or not. Choosing a white bed frame allows the bed to blend in better while highlighting other objects at the same time, such as a wall hanging. The bed frame may be minimalist, but it should still be strong enough to sustain a significant amount of weight without so much as buckling.

The Benefits of Choosing White Wall Colors, Décor, and Furniture

Some people hear the suggestion that they should decorate with white and assume it is a boring choice. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the color white is available in hundreds of various shades. People who are still on the fence about incorporating white into their interior design scheme might change their minds after considering some of the benefits described below.

Provides the illusion of space, even in small living environments: The properties present in the color white help to expand dimensions and make any space appear larger. White also attracts natural light that can make even very cramped areas appear more spacious, including nooks, hallways, and areas above frames and windows.

White is extremely flexible: The neutrality of white makes it a great choice for practical gadgets, like extendable lamps and folding desks, not to be as noticeable. On the other hand, combining warm shades of white with soft lighting makes for an especially welcoming environment.

White provides a base for experimentation: When creating the look of a room, starting with white allows greater freedom in adding layers along with different shapes and colors. People don’t have to worry about matching everything else with the base color when the base color is already white.

One possible downside to white interior design is that it requires more maintenance due to the greater visibility of stains. However, most people find that committing to polishing once a week is all it takes to keep their white walls and décor looking fresh.

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