Are you moving house? 

Moving house is an expensive and busy time and using professional and reputable House Removalists can make this time run smoothly and cost effectively. Searching for the right Removalist can be tiresome, allow you to access comparative quotes that are fast and provided by reputable and professional Removalists. A professional Removalist will ensure your precious items are not damaged during transportation, which could in turn result in further costs down the track for the replacement of goods.

In this article you will be advised of tips that can help you save money when moving house.

1. Engage a Professional Removalist

Moving house requires substantial time and quite often time off work is required for sorting through goods, packing boxes, labelling items and sorting through unwanted items. By engaging a Professional Removalist this can enable you to continue in your working role while the removalists do the packing and moving. It can also be timely buying boxes and packing materials all of which a removalist can supply.

2. Dispose of unwanted items

By disposing of unwanted clothing, unused garden items or large bulky items no longer required, can be a cost saving exercise to avoid unwanted clutter and possibly make money by selling items that you no longer require. You may choose to have a garage sale for unwanted items, or sell items on gumtree or ebay these will provide funds that can go towards your removalist costs. Unwanted items can also be donated to charity shops.

3. Choose your Removal Date

By choosing a mid week day or mid month date to move house can be cost saving , opposed to hiring staff on weekend pay rates, weekends are also a busy time for removalists. 

4. Understand the size of your Home Removal 

By making an inventory list of all your items, including oversized such as Pianos, BBQs, Garden items, Outdoor Furniture can assist in providing upfront information for your removalists to arrive with the correct sized transport trucks. This can also be cost saving to ensure all pathways are cleared and freely accessible to ensure no hold ups are incurred for removalists.

5. Do your own packing and unpacking

If you do have time , sorting through all your items and doing your own packing can be cost saving. It is important boxes are not overloaded with heavy items and all boxes must be labelled with item details and the room they are for. It can also be  cost saving if you can do some of your moving in your own transport such as bags of clothes, linen, kids toys or food items.

Once your goods have been transported to your new location, doing your own unpacking will also save on paid labour if you have friends and family who can help with unpacking.

To ensure you have the best cost saving tips for your next move  contact  professional and reputable  removalists such as

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